About Us


In 2004, we laid the foundations as software and telecommunication company.
In 2007, we became a partner in a company operating as an advertising agency.
In 2009, we created our graphic design workshop.
In 2012, we established our own printing press.
In 2014, we established R & D & Software company in Mersin University Technopark.
In 2018, we established our company and liaison office in Delaware, USA.


Our motivation that leads us to success
we had previous failures;
We’ve made the mistake, but never the same again.
We’re so tense, we’re drowned, now we’re a team.
We’ve passed after good rivals have appreciated before.
We loved our work, learned it, succeeded and improved it.


Priority in business life is reliability. Customers first want to trust the company to do business. So the core of our company builds “trust” and means confidence; expresses our character, our abilities, our strength and the accuracy of our work.


We know how important it is to be open to new ideas for a continuous development.
The ideas and feedback of both our customers and our team members constitute our most important compasses for expanding our business.


We’re very sensitive to respect for our business. Position, title, age, gender or any other difference is not a distinctive feature for us. Our attitude always favors a professional respect and courtesy.


We take responsibility for every job we do and we stand behind it. Because everyone is expected to take responsibility for the results of his work, to take the initiative, to make judgments and to take decisions.